Virtual Hospital Marketing Educational Series: June 30, 2020

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About This Class

Can Your Brand Strategy Ever Go Back to “Normalcy?”
Rob Rosenberg, 
President, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, hospital organizations have had to turn their communications strategies inside out. Literally – most brands have pivoted from patient acquisition to internal recognition. With a “new normal” ahead, this session will explore how these brands should continue evolving in new ways.

Telehealth, Telemedicine… No Matter What You Call It, It’s Here to Stay
Maria Stearns, Healthcare Division Director, ALOYSIUS BUTLER & CLARK

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken something that has been moving at a snails pace warp speed in to all of our lives. With changes to reimbursement and it being the one way physicians could see their patients for weeks, telemedicine is a new way of life, and will be one of the trends that we see stick around beyond the pandemic. Join us to discuss best practices for your telemedicine campaigns and strategies you can put in place to make it successful.

Beyond Telehealth: A Roadmap For the New Digital Patient Experience
Stephanie Pierce, Director of Marketing Technology, Arkansas Children’s
Dan Greenwald, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, White Rhino

Consumer expectations for convenient, digital care is at an all-time high. In fact, 75% of patients would book an appointment with a doctor with less availability if they have online scheduling. More than just telehealth, healthcare is in the midst of wholesale shift in the way we monitor, motivate, educate, and treat patients. The winners will be the organizations that effectively address the entire digital patient experience. Join us as we look at the broader digital roadmap that will drive patient loyalty and preference. We’ll lay out a framework you can use to identify the tools you need to digitally triage patients and personalize their experience – from initial visit to longer-term follow up.

5 Tips to Improve Healthcare Communication
Coleman Kuhre, Strategic Operations Manager, Lucidpress

Current research has shown that ineffective or insufficient communication among healthcare team members is one of the leading causes of patient harm and medical errors. In fact, 80% of medical errors involved informational or personal miscommunication. Additionally, 70% of sentinel events include communication breakdowns as one of the root causes of preventable patient injury.

In order to improve patient safety and outcomes, healthcare organizations need to start improving communication in hospitals between professionals and patients, but especially among their own medical teams.

The Role of OOH Media During COVID-19 and Beyond
Rick Robinson, Partner/Chief Strategy Officer, Billups

OOH is the voice of a community and telegraphs what’s happening right now. OOH informs the public of public safety issues, way-finding, and relevant commerce. Traffic patterns have shifted during COVID-19 towards a much more localized and hyperlocal orbit and are expected to return to normal in coming weeks and months. OOH Media has the opportunity to re-fuel the recovery as life returns to normal.

Giving a ‘Voice’ to Your Brand: Using Podcasts to Keep Your Patients Engaged and Connected

Bill Klaproth, Director of Marketing, DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

Throughout the presentation, we will share examples of how hospitals used podcasts to address three “buckets” of marketing during the pandemic: immediate response to the outbreak, ongoing marketing and brand awareness, and engagement during the return to normalization.

The Virtual Hospital Marketing Educational Series is a monthly series! We are currently accepting speaker proposals for our July 28th & August 25th webinars. Limited sponsorships are also available for each monthly Virtual Hospital Marketing Educational Series Webinar.